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  • Bright Color Backpacks (Toddlers/Children)

    Send your little one off to preschool with an adorable Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpack. Kids Love these unique, fun, and colorful packs, and Moms love them because they’re easy to care for and can also double as a diaper or change bag. Each style of quilted backpack comes with a beautiful embroidered design and a fun, coordinating zipper pull - making them as individual as your child is.

    Want to make it even more individual? Then why not personalize it with your child’s initials or name.

    • Durable Backpack/doubles as a diaper bag
    • Magnetic straps and drawstring enclosure
    • 100% cotton
    • Machine washable
    • 12’ x 13.5 (30.5cm x 34 cm)